The following strategy is for the Simian Flu DLC in order to unlock its unique genes quickly. Feel free to add your own below:



  • ATP Boost
  • Aerocyte
  • Extremophile


  1. Play on Casual Difficulty.
  2. Before selecting the country, evolve Pharyngitis.
  3. Start your plague in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Evolve the following in that order:
    • Sneezing
    • Air 1&2
    • Drug Resistance 1
    • Cold Resistance 1
    • Water 1&2
    • Extreme Bioaresol
    • Drug Resistance 2
    • Cold Resistance 2
  5. Wait till the whole world is infected.
  6. When Cure Progression reaches 25%, immediately evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis.
  7. After the whole world is infected evolve:
    • Neuro-enhancement 1,2, &3
    • Total Brain Death
  8. After evolving Total Brain Death, evolve all other lethal symptoms.

Note: This strategy can also be used to get the No Idea achievement.

Note: Don't worry about mutations since they don't directly affect the outcome.

Strategy added by NinjaDogDB. Credit to the Yo It's Spicy Team. You can find the original strategy here .

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