Strategy 1: Edit

*Start game for Simian Flu on Casual Difficulty

*While creating colonies, if a Gen-sys lab appears 'prematurely' evolve Ape Rampage and DESTROY it! Also, evade drone attacks and destroy Gen-Sys labs throughout the entire game.

Recommended (not required) Gene Setup:

1.) Start in the USA.

2.)Devolve anything that mutates except Neuro-enhancement 1 & 2.

3.) Evolve the following in this order:

4.) Switch to ape view to see which countries have intelligent apes. From Mexico, move apes to:

5.) Create a colony in:

6.) Evolve:

7.) Wait until all apes are infected (i.e. the healthy ape count is at 0), or take action in infecting EVERY... LAST... APE!!!

8.) Once every ape is intelligent (or dead), don't wait for all humans to be infected! You must proceed by infecting ALL humans.

*Remember to continue devolving everything except Neuro-enhancement 1 & 2.

9.) Evolve:

10.) Evolve:

11.) Evolve:

12.) Now you must wait for the entire world, both human and ape, to be infected (or dead, depending). You can also switch out of Ape-View mode now.

13.) CEASE TO DEVOLVE ANY MORE MUTATIONS!!! Evolve Neuro-enhancement 1 & 2 if it never mutated and evolve Neuro-enhancement 3. Keep lethality low, like one or two symptoms, just enough to kill at a decent rate until cure progression reaches 70%. Total Brain Death should not be used before cure progression reaches 50% (it shouldn't be used before 70%, but hey it's your game bro! I am not trying to control you).

14.) Once cure progression is at 70%, it's time for fast & merciless killing! Evolve Total Brain Death! Evolve EVERY lethal symptom YOU desire. WAAAIIITTT!!!!! Stop for a moment and read this: The moment your infected count drops below 5.5 million or 4 million (the latter is safer), devolve EVERY single symptom EXCEPT Neuro-enhancement 1-3 and Total Brain Death. And devolve, Genetic Hardening 1 & 2, Hardened Reshuffle, and Genetic ReShuffle 1 & 2. Do that before population drop below 2 million or the game will end.

15.) Cure progression should shoot up to 100%. So pause the game (you can do so by opening the past forward tab and pressing the pause button). If you have successfully paused it, use ape rampage on every single colony you have. You can do this twice if you need to reduce the healthy human population to less than 1-2 million people.

The Film Fanatic achievement may want you to have one of these items (doesn't have to be both items):

1-Healthy human count less than 2 or 1 million (or maybe 99% of the total human population is dead).

2-More intelligent apes than healthy humans.+

+This is possible to do. Instead of waiting for 4-5.5 million people left before devolving, you must try to get as close as possible to getting that number below 600k. Because there are a maximum of more than 600k apes.


You can also try this guide:

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