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Neurax Symptoms

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Neural Breach

Breach the blood/brain barrier to allow access to the host brain. Causes dystonia - rapid eye blinking

Cerebral Tendrils

Tendril production in the cerebral cavities begins. Enables increased control over host brain

Frontal Mesh

Tendrils mesh with frontal lobe - the conscious thought centre - and gain ability to mentally manipulate host

Perceptive Jolt

Tendrils increase brain pressure, resulting in fever which disrupts host priorities and decision making

Perceptive Shift

Worm grows to significantly increase intracranial pressure, severely disrupting host risk/reward analysis, resulting in risky, unsafe and impulsive decisions

Cognitive Scrambling

Electrical activity from tendrils causes mild seizures which completely scramble host decision making abilities

Occipital Mesh

Tendrils mesh with occipital lobe - the visual processing centre. Hosts less likely to notice worm infections


Host struggles to perceive motion making them more likely to collide with others / objects


Occipital lesions created, causing severe hallucinations. Lack of awareness increases transmission chance as well as risk of injury


Inflamed dopamine receptors fragment mental processes and increase infectivity. Can cause fatal fevers


Primary visual cortex disconnected causing blindness. Significantly reduces awareness and causes fatal accidents


Hormone production altered which causes reduction in maturity. Lower levels of hygiene increase infection


Excess serotonin production triggered. Manic episodes lead to increased contact with others and inability to focus


Hypothalamic tap causes irrational hatred and violence, especially towards authorities and uninfected

Acute Encephalitis

Multiple inflammatory lesions in the brain triggered. Causes neurological damage resulting in death


Severe damage to orbital cortex triggers OCD - forcing host to obsess over a specific worm related task


Neuropathic manipulation causes severe emotional and behavioral abnormalities, increasing infectivity. Can be fatal


Dopamine production stimulated to cause bouts of confusion in host. Harder to concentrate on complex work

Memory Loss

Neuritic plaques deposited on grey matter significantly impact memory and learning. Very hard to cure


Bruised tissue causes inability to execute certain movements. Reduces infectiousness but is extremely hard to cure


Tendrils feed off blood vessels in the brain which causes aneurisms, can be lethal and hard to accurately diagnose


Bruised tissue causes language impairment. Makes developing a cure significantly harder


Mature Tendrils constrict the brain stem and cause a loss of consciousness in the host. Potentially fatal and significantly harder to cure

Brain Haemorrhage

Tendrils digest brain matter for nutrients causing complete degeneration and rupture of the cerebral tissue

Adrenergic Constriction

Beta-receptor blockers released, dampening anxiety in the host and lessening severity of allergic reactions to the worm

Anxiolytic Infusion

Mass synthesis of neurotransmitter, gamma-aminobutyric acid, significantly reduces anxiety in the host and minimises severity of reactions


Tendrils tweak dopamine receptors, inducing occasional states of psychosis and personality shifts to better accommodate worm


Altered serotonin levels impact mood regulation, induce feelings of despair in the host and lessen self preservation instinct


Tendrils release neurotoxins which cause severe disorientation and suicidal impulses in the host


Surges of testosterone and estrogone hijack host emotions and create desire to spread infection


Surges of Dopamine and Serotonin compel the host to constantly think about the worm and triggers intense rushes of pleasure


Overdose of oxytocin and vasopressin forces host into a permanent state of worship / acceptance - treating the Neurax Worm as an eternal god

Statistical Page: Edit

Neurax Worm/Statistical Reference

Santa's Little HelperEdit

The following are symptoms in the exclusive Santa's Little Helper scenario, based off of Neurax Worm, which came out in Christmas 2014:

Tier 1: Santa's Little Neurax Worm

Tier 2: Festive Tendrils

Tier 3: Digital Elf, Friendship, Laughter, Sloth, Indulgence, Contentedness

Tier 4: Digital Herald, Affection, Partying, Gluttony, Excitement, Appreciation

Tier 5: Digital Angel, Love, Joy, Jealousy, Intoxication, Harmony

Trivia: When all symptoms are evolved, the shape created by their icons resembles that of a snowflake.

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