Templar Industries
Templar Industries Symbol


Multinational Private Military Corporation


None, Automatically appear when vampire threat is recognized

Special Ability:

Fortification of country
Significantly boosting countries cure research contribution
Sending military drones to destroy vampire lares


Along with the Shadow Plague expansion.

The Templars, or known in game as 'Templar Industries', are a fictional international Private Military Corporation, and are the primary threat in the Shadow Plague. The Templar are the most powerful private military corporation in the world, and are the main defense against the vampires. They are, to an extent, the Shadow Plague version of Z Com.

Overview Edit

The Templars will continually be referenced to prior to them revealing themselves, with news bulletins stating their prowess. They will first appear when the vampire has eventually been discovered by the world at large after killing too many Humans from feeding. They will first make a announcement to the world revealing the existence of the vampire before they begin fortifying countries. This also serves as a warning to the player of the imminent arrival of the Templar.

When the Templar fully reveal themselves, they will have fortified anywhere from four to seven countries, unlike Z Com, who only fortify one country initially. The Templar will fortify countries with the least amount of infected Humans. Like Z Com, the Templar will become more powerful in their country over time and will be harder to dislodge. Unlike Z Com, the Templar cannot create additional bases in unoccupied countries.


Templar Bases

The Templar base inhibits the vampires directly as the base and its military personel will attack any vampire in the country directly, dealing damage to their health, potentially killing the vampire. On the other hand, the base has its own health bar, and is destroyed if the attacking vampire can remove the base's health first.

If a Templar base is left unchecked, it will eventually continue to increase its country's defense and significantly increase the country's cure research rate. If left for too long, the base can be almost impossible to dislodge, and the country's research rate can skyrocket beyond what even the richest nations can reach.

In addition, Templar bases will occasionally send military drones to attack and destroy vampire lairs. These drones can be destroyed by using Blood Rage.

If a Templar base is destroyed by a vampire, then the surviving base personal will evacuate on Templar transport planes and will randomly fly to any other functional Templar bases. Each plane will further reinforce that base's defense, thus making it much harder to attack any base that received a large influx of survivors. In addition, the player will receive a large amount of DNA points for destroying a base, which decreases as the difficulty increases.

The Templar are the biggest threat to the player in the Shadow Plague scenario, alongside the World Health Organization, who independently establish research labs throughout the world to also increase the cure research rate. These bases lack any proper military protection, and are easily destroyed. The Templar must be pursued aggressively with many vampire abilities before they are allowed to entrench.

Tips Edit

  • Continually evolve 'Blood Rage' to better tackle Templar bases. Higher level bases can prove impossible to destroy if Blood Rage is not leveled enough.
  • Use multiple vampires to help destroy a higher level Templar base. You can consider rotating a new vampire in when the originally attacker is running low on health, or send them both in to quicken the base's destruction.
  • Prioritize destroying Templar bases over WHO research labs, although if you need a quick DNA boost, the WHO labs do provide a small amount.
  • You can evolve Shadow Slaves to deal with the Templars.
  • Attack the Templar Bases before evolving Shadow Blessing. The Cure effort won't begin until Shadow Blessing is evolved, and the Cure Effort is easier to suppress than established Templar Bases.

Trivia Edit

  • Templar Industries are inspired by the Knights Templar, a real world Christian Military Order that existed from 1119 to 1312 AD.
  • DarkWater is another Private Military Corporation similar to Templar Industries which features in the Necroa Virus campaign. However, DarkWater only appear as part of a story event, and has no major impact on the game.
  • Once they establish their base, the Templars in a country will begin to take more of an active role in the country, eventually taking over the government if they're allowed to persist.
  • The Templars' appearance is most random when there are no infected people in the world, except for the Vampire.
  • Other from the real world Christian Military Order, Templar Industries is also inspired from the game Assassin's Creed, a history-based video game.

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