Neu Transcendance
PLE - Transcendence popup
Description Overdose of oxytocin and vasopressin forces host into a permanent state of worship/acceptance - treating the Neurax Worm as an eternal god
DNA cost 37
Infectivity +4%
Severity +40%
Lethality -4% (-3% when the increase 1% in countries that worship the Neurax Worm when the action is announced by the government happens.)
Previous symptom Devotion

Transcendence is a symptom in the Neurax Worm DLC. By overdosing the host with oxytocin and vasopressin, the host is forced into states of accepting and worshiping the Neurax Worm, completely destroying all Cure effort in the affected countries. Having all people in the world infected while the trait is evolved will win the game and also earn the achievement Assuming Direct Control.

Government actionsEdit

Once this symptom is evolved, nations infected with the Neurax Worm will slowly submit, before finally giving in and worshiping the Neurax Worm. Countries worshiping the Neurax Worm will stop contributing to cure research, making it one of the most potent symptoms available.

Despite reducing lethality by 4%, having Transcendence with no lethality can still raise death counts. This is due the government action "Worships the Neurax Worm" being coded to increase lethality rates by 1% in affected countries.

Trivia Edit

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