Scenario unknown origin

"Everyone has a favourite country, unfortunately you don't get to choose it here... Are you feeling lucky?" - Plague Inc., Unknown Origin introduction paragraph

Unknown Origin is a scenario added in Mutation 1.8.

Scenario Edit

  • The scenario is focused on the random selection of a starting country.
  • It's no different than normal gameplay, but it locks the starting location of the player's pathogen into one country, and, being unable to change them, the player is forced to use that nation as a starting point, possibly making it difficult to come up with a strategy beforehand, depending on the plague used and the location it started.
  • Players can pick any plague or cheat.


  • Try to use an adaptive strategy that can beat the scenario, regardless of what starting nation it chooses.
  • Specialized Environment Genes are useless here, consider putting Extremophile if possible.
  • The Special Plagues are not so affected by this:
    • Neurax Worm has Trojan Planes, it reaches anywhere in the world and can infect anywhere.
    • Necroa Virus has Zombie Horde, they do not have a long range and requires Zombies to work. Try to use Reanimation to get a horde of Zombies if a healthy nation has a Z Com fort and it nearby a completly destroyed country.
    • Simian Flu, after Evolving Hominidae Bridge and Organized Travel, while infecting any apes and making them intellegent on the way of Traveling, also allows humans to be infected via apes that have been made smart by the flu. Travel also has infinite range, but requires several traits in the Travel Branch to do so.
    • Shadow Plague's Vampires, after evolving Therianthropy and both stages of Travel Speed, Lairs and Shadow Portal, can greatly benefit from their travel. Therianthropy allows moving the vampire around, travel speed improves speed and range, and shadow portals allow vampires to reach any lair in the world from any location.