Unlock Annihilate gene

DNA Cost



Unleash armageddon (sic) unto the world!

Severity increase

Catastrophic (40)


Infinite (100)

Infectivity increase

Catastrophic (40)

Previous abilities

Gene Compression 3, Deactivate modified genes 3, Nucleic Acid Neutralisation 3

Unlock Annihilate gene is a tier 4 unique ability exclusive to Bio-Weapon. It turns the Bio-Weapon into an extremely deadly disease which can wipe Earth clean in a matter of weeks. One must purchase all of the other unique abilities for Bio-Weapon to acquire it. This is the most lethal upgrade in Plague Inc, and is what makes the Bio-Weapon so unique.

It is worth mentioning that this ability needs to be used properly to win. Should it be evolved too early, it could end up killing all infected while leaving some healthy people, so it should be used carefully. It is best to evolve it when every country is well-infected, giving yourself time to completely infect all countries while rapidly killing off everyone.

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