• Joshua115

    NOTE / DISCLAIMER : Some Achievements may Contain Origin Stories Related to Shadow Plague.

    Twilight Lied - Let Humanity discover your vampire -

    Home Sweet Home - Set up a vampire lair

    Heart of Darkness - Send your vampire into a Blood Rage

    Batmobile - Transform vampire into a bat and fly somewhere

    Carpe Jugulum - Discover the Carpe Jugulum Combo

    Welcome to Hellmouth - Discover the Welcome to Hellmouth Combo

    Diamond Skin - Discover the Diamond Skin Combo

    Dentist's Dream - Discover the Dentist's Dream Combo

    Blood Trumps All - Discover the Blood Trumps All Combo

    Bat Cave - Discover the Bat Cave Combo

    Uphill Ice Skating - Discover the Uphill Ice Skating Combo

    Evil is a point of view - Discover the Evil is a point of view Combo

    Plague Dogs - Discover the Plag…

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