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    NOTE about the my changes: im so Sorry for the crappy blog title, just ignore it that and its Mutation 15 update

    Introduction about this

    "Evolution!, Damnnation! , RE - Annihilation! ,!MOO-TATION!"

    My First Reaction Comment on the Mutation 13 update


    Welcome to the mutation 15 , the Mad Cow Disease Update

    So WE wait the furher announcements about this 3 FREAKING NEW SCENARIOS

    to be updated!, so its too spooky but funny when seeing the original but GIF Version of Scenario Icon (look the GIF 2nd Pic on Top) and about the Mad Cow Disease update, lets look what is the achievements behind of this (Just Like the Nipah Virus)

    I'm Added a Picture with Number with we describe what is that scenario about..? BLAH BLAH BLAH

    1. The Mad cow disease (A…

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  • Joshua115

    NOTE / DISCLAIMER : Some Achievements may Contain Origin Stories Related to Shadow Plague.

    Twilight Lied - Let Humanity discover your vampire -

    Home Sweet Home - Set up a vampire lair

    Heart of Darkness - Send your vampire into a Blood Rage

    Batmobile - Transform vampire into a bat and fly somewhere

    Carpe Jugulum - Discover the Carpe Jugulum Combo

    Welcome to Hellmouth - Discover the Welcome to Hellmouth Combo

    Diamond Skin - Discover the Diamond Skin Combo

    Dentist's Dream - Discover the Dentist's Dream Combo

    Blood Trumps All - Discover the Blood Trumps All Combo

    Bat Cave - Discover the Bat Cave Combo

    Uphill Ice Skating - Discover the Uphill Ice Skating Combo

    Evil is a point of view - Discover the Evil is a point of view Combo

    Plague Dogs - Discover the Plag…

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