....and busy. I downloaded the course material for those classes I signed up for. I've spent all week studying. And taking notes. It's embarrassing to admit I didn't know this before, but taking notes actually pulls more out of the lesson.

And yes, I got scared. But I'm figuring out where all that fear is coming from. I've been given good reason to be terrified of school, and learning. Yeah, that's yucky. But knowing your enemy is...oh, I'd say at least eighty percent of the battle won.

And I found an illustrator for that children's story. In the initial sketch, he brought the little boy to life! Blows me away how a good artist can read a written description, and make the words come alive.

And I've been working. They hired a new guy, and I trained him today. He's gonna work out just fine. One great thing about him is that he's tall enough to reach those high shelves. I think we're all writing his job description for him, especially the Vietnamese girl who's less than five feet tall.

Another cool thing about him is that he came here from another country, and his native language is not English. I haven't been able to figure out why, but I really enjoy tutoring English as a second language. And I absolutely love hearing stories from other cultures.

Oh, and divorce proceedings are....proceeding. I go in tomorrow to sign more papers. And I photocopied even more. I'll be able to throw my own ticker-tape parade when all this is said and done.

I've even found time to sit down to a little counted cross stitch.

So life is good. Busy, but not too stressful. I hope it stays that way.

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