Vampires are supernatural creatures unique to the Shadow Plague. They are responsible for helping spread the Shadow Plague throughout the world. The first vampire was buried centuries ago when they were near death after being infected with a sentient plague. The vampires can be directly controlled by the player by using the Therianthropy active ability to move from country to country, which can be done to launch attacks on labs or Templar fortresses, or simply to infect other countries. The reusable symptom Vampiric Awakening can be used to produce extra vampires while increasing lethality. The active ability Blood Rage can be used to attack labs and Templar fortresses. Vampires can also build lairs, which can be used to heal and travel quickly.

Unlike their counterparts zombies and apes, not all hosts to the Shadow Plague are capable of becoming vampires. Thus, the number of vampires are more sparse than zombies and apes, though the vampires' high power and health make up for their smaller numbers.

Vampire Icon

Trivia Edit

  • It would appear that sunlight presumably does not affect Vampires in the Shadow Plague, separating them from stereotypical vampires.
  • On occasion, countries will organize vigilante gangs to fight vampires. It is unknown if these groups pose any real threat to the player's vampire.

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