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A rapidly mutating pathogen which is extremely hard to control.

Plague Type:



Complete Bacteria (Normal or Brutal) or buy for $0.99 USD (Plague Inc.)


May 23, 2012, Version 1.0

Virus is a standard plague type in both Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved.


In game Edit

Virus is a standard plague type introduced in version 1.0. It possesses a high natural tendency to mutate traits, but struggles to neutralize said mutations, requiring a different playstyle that relies on fast enough infection to nullify any human counter-attack. The gene Darwinist best complements this natural ability, while Creationist can make the mutation rate seemingly more controllable.

In real lifeEdit

Viruses are self-replicating, microscopic entities that exist on the fringes of what is known as life, having a unique set of characteristics that are not found anywhere else in our known world. They are completely dependent on living host cells to replicate, and will in fact appear completely dead if outside of their host cells.

Special AbilityEdit

The special ability for Virus is Viral Instability. It makes DNA unstable, further increasing the numbers of random mutations.


Please see Virus Strategy Guides.

Trivia Edit

  • The Virus was one of the 3 plagues from Pandemic, the spiritual predecessor to Plague Inc, alongside Bacteria and Parasite.

Stages of Evolution Edit

Standard Plague Types


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